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3 Best places in Flagstaff (for a photoshoot!)

Some of my favorite places in Flagstaff to shoot!

(Keep in mind, there are tons of cool places to shoot, these are just some starter one's if you are thinking about a session in Flagstaff! All based off my opinion.)

  1. Buffalo Park. This is such a wonderful and delightful area to shoot at! With its vast landscape of trees and mountains it will not disappoint! It’s beautiful during all seasons, with green and golden colors representing Flagstaff perfectly.

  2. Downtown Flagstaff/Shops. This is a fun and diverse location that serves all types of clients! There's small parks, unique buildings and so much color! All the shops are so lively with so much culture - downtown is the home of many art studios and indigenous peoples art and jewelry makers. The paintings and photographs are just to die for - showing off the amazingly beautiful landscapes of Arizona.

  3. Aspen corner/Lockett meadow. Here is the greatest view of the wildly golden/green aspen trees! There is nothing like it. Great for a nature-loving portrait session!

As your local photographer, I want to provide you with the best service possible, which includes scouting the perfect location! Reach out and see if I have any availability so we can plan YOUR perfect session!

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