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Chelsi & Stefanie's Branding Photoshoot!

Oh my goodness, these two ladies are amazing! I am so glad I had the opportunity to do a branding shoot for them. They are business owners who produce their own podcasts and help people with certain things in their lives - very empowering! Branding photos are such a great way to show this off. Not only does it show your personality, but also who you are as a brand/business owner. Your business is important! That is why having branding photos is so meaningful. You can reach wider audiences while promoting yourself which gives you an edge. As a photographer, I love helping people represent themselves and their business!

We went all over the place for this shoot - downtown Flagstaff mainly Local Juicery here in Flagstaff (@localjuicery). Stefanie and Chelsi are going to be collaborating on something soon which is why some pictures are of both of them.

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