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What I've Been Up To

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a beautiful day!

I thought I'd take the time today to share a little bit about what I've been up to lately. The past few weeks have been pretty great and filled with excitement! Last week I went to a styled shoot in Sedona. This was my first time attending one, so you can imagine the intimidation! But it turned out so amazing, and it was such a great way to connect with others while building my portfolio. It's truly wonderful to meet new people from different parts of the country. I learned so much about myself and my photography style. Moving on, the week before I worked on some wedding styled flat lay shots to amp up my wedding game! Pictures below. I also worked on some food photography!

To sum it up, yes it has been a lot of work, and has had it tough moments, but it is worth it to me to continue to work towards what I love. I hope this post finds you well, and thank you for reading!

Have a lovely day!

P.s. Made some new friends on the trip to sedona who convinced me to take some branding headshots and I couldn't be happier!

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