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Why Hire a Professional Photographer? My Top 5 Reasons:

I feel like everyone has their own opinion on this, so I thought I'd share mine!

Having a professional photographer is important for so many reasons! To name a few, you get someone who knows what they are doing, knows their camera and settings, knows the good lighting and angles and is reliable!

One: There's so many reasons, but I think one of the main reasons is because it gives those who are always the one taking the pictures, to actually be in them for a change!

Tired of trying to set up that tripod to take selfies that may or may not turn out the way you want? Hiring a photographer will give you the images you’ve been looking for without the hassle - and you get to be the star of the show! It’s also a great way to collaborate and see what they think about your creative ideas so you can both work on achieving that desired look. Not only that, but you also acquire quality photos.

Two: Professional photographers have the skills both on camera and outside of that - the ability to direct and pose is so important! Getting someone who knows how to do that is really going to make your photographs stand out.

Three: We know how to edit! Post production is the difference between flat, dull, improperly fixed images and ones that have beautiful tones, angles, and flattering light. As they say, anyone can take a photo, but it is the photographer who does all the magic behind the scenes to make your images look as flawless as possible. It’s hard work!

Four: You want photos that make you FEEL something. Quick snapshots of moments can be great, but when you hire a professional, it can bring out the real emotion behind an image. Don’t you want to look back on these images and make your grandchildren tear up at how moving they are?!

Five: You deserve it and it is SO worth it! Some people might think they don’t need it or they don’t think that it is worth the investment. But photos are something that we can give back that is TANGIBLE - prints are everything. I mean if you didn’t take a photo and print it out, did it even happen? (just a joke). But seriously, giving you something that you can actually hold on to for a lifetime gives us the greatest joy in life. As life goes by, you might not remember everything that has happened, but photographs will bring back those memories. You DESERVE those memories and you can even pass them down so future generations can also remember. It is the greatest gift a photographer can give to someone.

P.S. Please enjoy these branding photos I decided to do of myself!

Have a lovely day everyone!

(Web quality)

Branding image of me holding a camera

branding photo of me holding a camera.

Me expressing love for my canon camera

My branding headshot -I love writing in my happy notes notebook!

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